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Located in the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan offers visitors the ultimate window to Turkic and Persian splendor. Luxury or Private travel in Uzbekistan with SARBON TOUR uncovers a hidden world of vibrant culture and rich history unexplored by most Western travelers.

We invite you to explore the fascinating cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, each of which will illuminate this Central Asian gem. Each of these three ancient cities take days to thoroughly explore, as they hold the great domes, vibrant bazaars, desert caravans, and magical mix of ancient and modern culture found nowhere else in the world. We will recommend just the right amount of time to savor them all, so you can walk through Khiva’s ancient winding streets, explore one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, and uncover the cultural riches inside the local mosques and bazaars. Your tour will make it easy to see why Uzbekistan was granted four entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

READ LESS - With our passion for bespoke luxury, travel in Uzbekistan can be designed to feature a range of the country’s wonderful sites, so whether you’re a history buff, adrenalin junkie or are just curious to learn about this untouched part of the world, we are happy to customize a tour of Uzbekistan just for you. Indulge in a luxury Uzbekistan vacation that will immerse you in the awe-inspiring architecture and historic monuments covered in stunning hand-painted tiles, and learn of the fascinating trade history that makes Uzbek culture so unique. We’re confident travel in Uzbekistan will leave you inspired by the stunning combination of ingenuity and artistry that embodies Uzbekistan’s structures. Or maybe you would prefer to focus on adventure during your Uzbekistan tour, with camelback treks through the desert or hikes in the gorgeous mountains of Ugam Chatkal National Park. Central Asia is a world of mystery and ancient nomadic culture, and SARBON TOUR’s Uzbekistan tours offer you an intimate window to this remote land.

With SARBON TOUR, private luxury travel in Uzbekistan is safe and personalized and our Uzbekistan private luxury tours are guaranteed to leave you with an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the glories of Central Asia.


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