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Guide & Interpreter services

Have you scheduled a meeting with foreign business partners, but you do not speak the same language? Or do you organize an event with the participation of representatives of different countries, speaking different languages? Then you may need the services of an interpreter.
Company Sarbon Tours has great experience in the organization of simultaneous interpretation at events of different levels. We are ready to provide professional “interpreters” for both large conferences with a large audience, and small meetings that require consecutive interpretation to a narrow circle of persons.
And if you want to organize an interesting sightseeing tour for your foreign guests, then you can hardly manage without the services of a guide. In this matter, Sarbon Tours will also come to help you! Our professional guide of Travel Company is exactly the type of person that will individually generate an interesting sightseeing programmer. The guide will choose to visit exactly those objects that will interest your guests and of which any resident of our beautiful country can rightfully be proud. 



Nodir Mamatkulov - founder of the company, a very friendly and hard-working person. He founded the  company “SARBON TOUR” in 2002. He runs the company from Tashkent office and he is  responsible for  French  speaking countries as well, organizing group, individual tours in Uzbekistan and  Central Asia since  1998.






Erkin Sultanov - always responsible 24/7, smart and always meets with a good attention. He respects people, who are able to work hard and achieve what they want in life. He is a great football fan, who loves running after a ball in a game with his colleagues.






Jurabek Khakimov – always dynamic and very friendly, for any question of tour product you always get a qualified response. He has experience in design, branding and marketing campaign management, as well as a background in web development, business analysis, and project management.





 Bekzod Radjabov- English speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2008, he knows  history, tradition and culture of Uzbekistan and Central Asia very well.  His love of Uzbekistan  inspired him both  to settle down here and spread that love to fellow travelers, along with fascinating stories about Uzbekistan’s  fascinating history. Bekzod is a particularly well versed guide with years  of experience under his belt and will  provide tours that will make you simultaneously laugh and cry and leave you with memories that are completely    unforgettable.





Bobur Ibragimov – English speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2010. What he loves about his job is meeting different kinds of people and learning about different cultures. Bobur wants to share the experience of the historical country with everyone who wants to join the tour. From nice places where no tourists every comes to take your photographs, to interesting historical places, good art, shopping sprees, having dinner, going out or something else, Bobur has years of experience in tour guiding.





Abdurauf Jabbarov – French speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2006. As a professional storyteller, tour guiding fits in wonderfully with what he most enjoys doing; performing for and talking to people. As the guide of Families & Individual Travelers, he takes great care to ensure that our guests have a wonderful and meaningful visit in Uzbekistan.





 Eldor Rakhmonov – French speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2008. Eldor loves  having an active job in which he can meet people from around the world while having a positive impact on his  adopted community. Eldor has been guiding trips for more than 7 years.




Shuxrat Suyunov– Italian speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2010. He spreads his passion and knowledge through stories and informal education to create unique, meaningful experiences. His favorite site to visit is Registan Square in Samarkand, as he feels grateful for the opportunity to be there so often. In his free time, Shuxrat likes to travel, go to the beach, and spend time with friends.

Oyatullo Ochilov – Spanish speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2010. Oyatullo has a lot of experience working with groups and helping visitors feel comfortable. His favorite part of guiding is watching his participants as they discover new things and have new experiences.

Ivan Grishenko – German speaking guide-interpreter, who joined our Travel Company in 2008. Ivan has over 10 years of experience in the field of guiding, working with individual travelers and families, synagogue groups, and large organizations. 



Ranajoy Roy – He is the head of marketing & relationships in India representing “SARBON TOUR” since 2012. He has more than a decade long experience in the travel and tourism business, regional knowledge and knowhow. He works as an extension of our company – we can think as our marketing arm in India. Thanking him nowadays our company brand loyalty increased in India and gave us fast speed of market entry into the region.






Dominique Thomas – He is the representative of “SARBON TOUR” in Spain. He is a lover of travelling. He thinks “Traveling enriches you on all levels: understanding, tolerance, kindness, cooperation”. The most rewarding for him about his work is contact with people of different destinations, like in Asia, Africa and others. His goal is to keep looking at the gap between client and receptive companies to represent their products to client and expand his markets with his knowledge.

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